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Services Provided:

  1. Construction & Remodeling

  2. Bathroom Remodeling

  3. Kitchen Remodeling

  4. Custom Cabinetry

  5. Fixed Finishes (Paint, Flooring, Hardwood, Tile, Wallpaper, etc.)

  6. Project Management

  7. Space Planning

  8. Hand Painted Wall Murals

  9. Hand Painted Furniture

  10. Custom Window Treatments

  11. New Windows and Installation

  12. Bedding, Pillows, etc.

  13. Upholstery

The Process

The Process

Remodeling and Design Process:

  1. Contact & Inquiry – You will need to contact 4B Remodeling & Design, Inc. by phone or email. I will then return your email or phone call where we can discuss the design and remodeling process.

  2. Initial Meeting – We will meet at your home or space that you are wanting designed or remodeled. I will assess the space as well as your wants and needs for the project. I will also measure and take photos.

  3. Design Meeting – We will meet at my office where I will discuss with you my overall vision, thoughts, and design plan for your project. This meeting is always unique to the individual project, but many times I will create drawings, design boards, and have samples of materials that I am proposing for your project.

  4. Contract & Ordering of Materials – Once we have finalized all of the design plan, then you will receive typed, detailed, and itemized proposals including everything that you will be purchasing for the project. Once you have had time to review the proposals, you will sign them and pay a 50% deposit. (You will pay the remaining 50% upon completion of the project).

  5. Construction & Installation – All of the construction and installation of materials will take place.

  6. Final Walk-Through – We will have a final meeting at the conclusion of the construction and installation at the location of space that is being remodeled or designed.  Once you are satisfied with the final product, then you will pay the remaining 50% of the fees owed.

I am excited to start the process with you. Let's get started by clicking below

(325) 280-4695

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